Senior Balance and Strength

Human beings have inherited the bodies of hunters. We are swift, aggressive, display power and speed, and exhibit cognitive fitness combined with quick reflexes and coordination. Yet, as we age, most of those attributes are diminished and atrophy to the detriment of performing activities of daily life. Both balance and strength decline resulting in reduced muscle mass, bone loss and less efficient neural transmission. Fortunately, muscles, bones and the brain dramatically respond to proper exercise. Fitness Senior Style specializes in exercises for vertigo as well as exercises for the elderly and aids our clients to live each day in a more dexterous and proficient manner.

Balance Exercise for Seniors

Proper balance is a prerequisite for accomplishing activities of daily living with confidence and conviction. Confronting balance issues for seniors is especially frustrating with the addition of inner ear problems or the effects of prescription drug side effects. Fitness Senior Style is attuned to these multi-level balance issues and, through specialized equipment and exercises for vertigo, aids our clients to attain better balance, equilibrium and symmetry. We have created proprietary exercises for speed and reflexes which enhances the brain’s ability to effectively communicate body actions and movement. Balance exercises for seniors can reduce falls and instill a sense of independence, assurance and well-being.

Ask us to learn more about in-home balance exercise for seniors.

Senior Strength Training

Along with proper balance, muscular strength is a necessity for a client to perform activities of daily living. Muscles react positively to stress and their natural weakening and atrophy due to age can be reversed. Senior strength training enhances the entire muscular support system which in turn benefits bone density and cognitive fitness. Fitness Senior Style concentrates on training with bands, balls, weights and resistance chairs to renew our clients’ power, agility and flexibility. We dramatically strengthen upper body, shoulders, core and legs resulting in improved balance, walking and neural transmissions. With overall strength comes a feeling of renewed purpose and self-identification. You may not be young, but you can feel younger!

Ask us to arrange personal senior strength training in your own home.

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