The Senior Care Tidal Wave

There is a tidal wave that is just starting to crash upon the shores of the United States — it is the Baby Boomers, those born during WWII and the decade following. This is one of the largest birth groups in US history and this population is rapidly approaching seniority. The demand for medical, social and generational care will quickly diminish the available tax base dollars and cause a financial hardship that will erode our shores for decades to come.

Are there ways to soften the effects of this economic tsunami? Yes—by reducing the need for social and medical dollars to care for individual senior citizens. How? By encouraging seniors to remain independent both physically and financially!

Half the seniors in nursing homes are residents, not due to medical problems, but rather because they are frail. Seniors need to maintain their strength, balance, endurance and flexibility to remain independent and perform activities of daily living. Senior communities, including nursing homes and assisted living residences, cost on average between $70,000 and $100,000 a year. Whether covered by Medicare or personal financial resources, the economics of senior care is escalating while senior health is declining. Every year a senior citizen remains independent will enable them to remain financial solvent and fill their remaining years with purpose and fulfillment. The less time spent in hospitals and senior care facilities and the more time spent on preventive health care translates to a more efficient use of available medical moneys.

Cardiac, pulmonary, and respiratory medical issues require medical intervention and diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, heart attacks, cancers and strokes demand medical attention. But undetermined muscular atrophy and problems 2 with balance, strength and cognitive fitness can be successfully attended by the individual. Seniors need not accept muscle weakness and problems with walking, balance, sitting/rising or overall stability with a finality and malaise. We have the bodies of hunters. Our muscular system wants to be robust and flexible. With use through exercise, our bodies will become stronger and more agile. We were made to run long distances, be flexible, and exhibit strength—both aerobically and anaerobically. To remain independent, do not be reactive, but be proactive. Muscles want to be exercised and will react to programmed stress and proper training. At any age, you can become stronger and more self-reliant. As it is written, use it or lose it!

To perform activities of daily living with ease and confidence, we all must strive to remain strong and resilient. In so doing, you can help make the financial tidal wave of senior care more like a gentle ripple upon the shore.

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