Fitness Senior Style, LLC offers seniors two major ways to develop strength, balance and mental acuity.  Our personal trainers come to your home or we offer fitness classes.  In either case, we bring all the necessary equipment and expertise. 

Working with one of our personal trainers in-home will dramatically enhance performance and guarantee success.  For those seniors who are healthy or for those who are confronted with medical challenges like Parkinson’s disease, MS, strokes, heart attacks or other autoimmune diseases, personal training is an imperative.  Personal training will optimize a client’s recovery and create confidence and self-sufficiency.  

Our fitness classes are interspersed throughout Bergen County and offer a dynamic opportunity to gain strength and increase mental acuity.  Concentrating on upper body, legs, core, cognitive fitness and balance, you will gain knowledge, strength and a positive outlook. 

Whether in-home personal training or fitness classes, just bring your desire to improve your activities of daily life and enhance your health and well-being.  We bring fitness to you!

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Attitude is Everything

Attitude is everything.  It is who we are, who we want to be, who we can be!  Attitude is just not pertinent to humans—we observe it in all species.  It is like the air we breathe; it is all around us.

Observe a hawk floating in a lazy arc high in the air.  Folding its wings, it drops like a missile on unsuspecting prey and then gracefully floats upward on a warm updraft. A lion’s roar alone defines the jungle king, its mane dancing in the warm African breeze, its teeth a carnivore’s allure.

On the Yellow Brick Road

I saw The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland this past week and was again impressed with the majesty of the film. The characters symbolize all the human emotions of love, friendship, bravery, avarice and fear. The Munchkins tell Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Great Wizard in the City of Oz and all her questions and desires will be answered.

Course - Exercise Your Way to Health

This Fall 2016, Fitness Senior Style is offering Richard Portugal’s Senior Exercise Classes throughout Bergen County.

The course will be a group exercise class that is light on stress but heavy on results. Participants will exercise their bodies for strength, balance and cognitive fitness. The class concentrates on upper body, core and legs utilizing free arm movement, speed work and ball exercises. Exercises are conducted while both standing and sitting and individual concerns will be addressed. Click Here for Times, Dates and Locations.

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New York
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