Muscles, Memory and You

Until the middle of the 20th Century, it was believed by those who studied the human brain, that by the age of three years old, the brain was fixed and unchanging; that the neural pathways were set in stone; that the brain no longer grew and, if damaged, could not be repaired. Today, due to scientific research, observation and psychological analysis, we know that the human brain demonstrates a remarkable capacity to repair itself and forge new pathways for its neural impulses to travel.

Rhythmic Movements

Life is difficult and stressful, yet simultaneously can be both meditative and instructional. Age old disciplines like Yoga and Tai Chi emphasize the tremendous health benefits of proper breathing and controlled movement, permitting the promotion of balance control, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and mental health. Simple controlled movements with deep breathing can bring a peaceful state to the most stressful situations and can dramatically assist those suffering from strokes, Parkinson’s, MS and dementia.

Strengthen Your Legs: Simple Chair Exercises

With a little effort, you can reap great gains. Leg strength is so important to a senior’s balance and exercises to attain that strength can be easy and fun, but also quite effective. These easy exercises strengthen all the leg muscles required for walking, going up and down stairs, rising and lowing onto a chair and getting into and out of a car. Strong muscles are necessary for good balance and coordination. Try these chair exercises and see how your balance, coordination and confidence measurably improve.

The C.A.R. Technique - Fight Short Term Memory Loss

As we age, the loss of memory haunts us all; a diagnosis of dementia’s symptoms or Alzheimer’s disease an inconceivable horror. These terrors pose legitimate concerns amongst the elderly and their families. A descent into a shadow land inevitably means a loss of essence and self-identification where life mentally diminishes while the body lingers. As of now, there is no hope in slowing or curing the progressive nature of these diseases; memory’s decline seems to demarcate the loss of self as the wind slowly dissipates through the trees.

The Senior Care Tidal Wave

There is a tidal wave that is just starting to crash upon the shores of the United States — it is the Baby Boomers, those born during WWII and the decade following. This is one of the largest birth groups in US history and this population is rapidly approaching seniority. The demand for medical, social and generational care will quickly diminish the available tax base dollars and cause a financial hardship that will erode our shores for decades to come. …Click here to read more

Walk With Confidence

When my daughter was two years old she learned to walk. At first her steps were hesitant and clumsy. Comfortable on her knees, but not her feet, she would flail with her arms for some kind of purchase and land unceremoniously on her rear. She then learned to stand while holding onto a chair or table. Once balanced, she would launch herself on wobbly legs and cross the room in an uncertain path.

When Is a Person Old?

The government considers you a senior at 55 years old. Social Security considers retirement at 65 years. Corporations consider you less valuable at 45 years old. In professional sports, a 35 year old is rapidly approaching the end of career productivity. AARP euphemistically welcomes new members at 50 years young. In our society, when is a person old?

On the Yellow Brick Road

I saw The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland this past week and was again impressed with the majesty of the film. The characters symbolize all the human emotions of love, friendship, bravery, avarice and fear. The Munchkins tell Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Great Wizard in the City of Oz and all her questions and desires will be answered.

Aging - A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

There are two types of aging, chronological and psychological. We are finite beings of which time is the great arbitrator. We know not how much time we are allotted, but we know the march of time is inevitable. That is a chronological fact with which we all live and die. Barring disease or accident, we have approximately eight decades to smell a summer’s flower, make a snow angel or climb the highest peak in the Himalayans’ Mountains. We breath, we play, we work and we age; it is the time for us to make the most of the time!

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