Stories of Interest

If Ernestine Shepherd is What 80 Looks Like, Bring It On

Actor and model Wang DeShun became an Internet sensation as “China’s hottest grandpa” after appearing shirtless on the runway at a Beijing fashion show. Here in the U.S., bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd is turning heads with her bulging biceps and washboard abs. What DeShun and Shepherd have in common, other than their ripped physiques, is they both just turned 80. It would be easy to dismiss them as genetic wonders, but Richard Portugal knows better. Read More

Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong

Everyone knows that as we age, our minds and bodies decline—and life inevitably becomes less satisfying and enjoyable. Everyone knows that cognitive decline is inevitable. Everyone knows that as we get older, we become less productive at work. Everyone, it seems, is wrong… Read More

New View on Exercise and MS

Exercise, sleep and a low-salt diet may be part of the solution for multiple sclerosis patients. Researchers are increasingly looking to lifestyle, diet and exercise, including salsa dancing, to help mitigate the often-debilitating effects of MS, which include problems with muscle control, balance, vision and thinking… Read More

The Truth About Common Nutrition Myths

If the last time you ate fried anything was at the state fair three years ago, we have news for you. No, funnel cake hasn’t become the diet food du jour. But fried foods — as well as burgers and beer — can have a place in a healthy diet. Surprised?… Read More

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