Fitness Senior Style, LLC offers seniors two major ways to develop strength, balance and mental acuity.  Our personal trainers come to your home or we offer fitness classes.  In either case, we bring all the necessary equipment and expertise. 

Working with one of our personal trainers in-home will dramatically enhance performance and guarantee success.  For those seniors who are healthy or for those who are confronted with medical challenges like Parkinson’s disease, MS, strokes, heart attacks or other autoimmune diseases, personal training is an imperative.  Personal training will optimize a client’s recovery and create confidence and self-sufficiency.  

Our fitness classes are interspersed throughout Bergen County and offer a dynamic opportunity to gain strength and increase mental acuity.  Concentrating on upper body, legs, core, cognitive fitness and balance, you will gain knowledge, strength and a positive outlook. 

Whether in-home personal training or fitness classes, just bring your desire to improve your activities of daily life and enhance your health and well-being.  We bring fitness to you!


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To Touch a Speeding Train

I’m a car length behind as the red lights begin flashing and the gates slowly lower serving as a barrier over the railroad crossing.  My first reaction is annoyance, a subdued aggravation that my right of access and speed has been restricted.  But then an excitement arises.  It starts as a low rumble in the distance accompanied by a faint tremor felt emanating from the ground.  And then the train rumbles through the intersection.  If I’m at Kinderkamack Road in Emerson, it’s a commuter train that thoughtfully stops to pick up its passengers in progress toward the Hoboken rail terminal.  If I’m at Madison Avenue in Dumont, it’s a freight train hauling 150 loaded freight cars heading to some depot ensconced somewhere in New Jersey.

The Myths of Growing Old

Aging, we are told, represents the Golden Years; a time to reap the benefits of a life lived with industry and intensity. It is a time for reflection, for enjoying retirement, of accomplishing things long put off, of settling into a comfortable chair, of taking time to admire a beautiful day, of having few time limitations, of the easing of responsibilities, and of reaping the rewards of a life well lived.

A Stillness Between Seasons

There is a sweet stillness between the cold of winter’s breath and the inviting warmth of spring’s renewal. It is the pause before we inhale fully the scent of fresh grass and the fragrant trace of a newly budded flower. Winter in its cold fury only emphasizes spring’s layers of soft textures and colors.

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