Fitness Senior Style, LLC offers seniors two major ways to develop strength, balance and mental acuity.  Our personal trainers come to your home or we offer fitness classes.  In either case, we bring all the necessary equipment and expertise. 

Working with one of our personal trainers in-home will dramatically enhance performance and guarantee success.  For those seniors who are healthy or for those who are confronted with medical challenges like Parkinson’s disease, MS, strokes, heart attacks or other autoimmune diseases, personal training is an imperative.  Personal training will optimize a client’s recovery and create confidence and self-sufficiency.  

Our fitness classes are interspersed throughout Bergen County and offer a dynamic opportunity to gain strength and increase mental acuity.  Concentrating on upper body, legs, core, cognitive fitness and balance, you will gain knowledge, strength and a positive outlook. 

Whether in-home personal training or fitness classes, just bring your desire to improve your activities of daily life and enhance your health and well-being.  We bring fitness to you!

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The Senior Care Tidal Wave

There is a tidal wave that is just starting to crash upon the shores of the United States — it is the Baby Boomers, those born during WWII and the decade following. This is one of the largest birth groups in US history and this population is rapidly approaching seniority. The demand for medical, social and generational care will quickly diminish the available tax base dollars and cause a financial hardship that will erode our shores for decades to come. …Click here to read more

Three Dimensions Plus Time

The universe we humans inhabit is huge, almost beyond reckoning. It seems to stretch past the limits of knowledge, both in wonder and light-years. To conceive its majesty is simply to stare into space on a star-lit night and realize you are peering back in time, but simultaneously into the future. We ponder on matter, on anti-matter, on dark matter, and on dark energy. Sub-atomic particles, the Higgs boson and “before” the big bang all enter our vocabulary as if these large concepts are easily assimilated and understood.

Strengthen Your Legs: Simple Chair Exercises

With a little effort, you can reap great gains. Leg strength is so important to a senior’s balance and exercises to attain that strength can be easy and fun, but also quite effective. These easy exercises strengthen all the leg muscles required for walking, going up and down stairs, rising and lowing onto a chair and getting into and out of a car. Strong muscles are necessary for good balance and coordination. Try these chair exercises and see how your balance, coordination and confidence measurably improve.

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