Fitness Senior Style, LLC offers seniors two major ways to develop strength, balance and mental acuity.  Our personal trainers come to your home or we offer fitness classes.  In either case, we bring all the necessary equipment and expertise. 

Working with one of our personal trainers in-home will dramatically enhance performance and guarantee success.  For those seniors who are healthy or for those who are confronted with medical challenges like Parkinson’s disease, MS, strokes, heart attacks or other autoimmune diseases, personal training is an imperative.  Personal training will optimize a client’s recovery and create confidence and self-sufficiency.  

Our fitness classes are interspersed throughout Bergen County and offer a dynamic opportunity to gain strength and increase mental acuity.  Concentrating on upper body, legs, core, cognitive fitness and balance, you will gain knowledge, strength and a positive outlook. 

Whether in-home personal training or fitness classes, just bring your desire to improve your activities of daily life and enhance your health and well-being.  We bring fitness to you!


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Exercise and Creative Thinking

According to recent research, a single workout can immediately boost higher-order thinking skills, making you more productive and efficient as you slog through your day. 

Aging - A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

There are two types of aging, chronological and psychological. We are finite beings of which time is the great arbitrator. We know not how much time we are allotted, but we know the march of time is inevitable. That is a chronological fact with which we all live and die. Barring disease or accident, we have approximately eight decades to smell a summer’s flower, make a snow angel or climb the highest peak in the Himalayans’ Mountains. We breath, we play, we work and we age; it is the time for us to make the most of the time!

New View on Exercise and MS

Exercise, sleep and a low-salt diet may be part of the solution for multiple sclerosis patients. Researchers are increasingly looking to lifestyle, diet and exercise, including salsa dancing, to help mitigate the often-debilitating effects of MS, which include problems with muscle control, balance, vision and thinking… Read More

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