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There is a senior tidal wave about to hit our shores for which we are woefully unprepared. There is neither the money, funding nor understanding available to cope with this human tsunami.

Corporations, associations and groups are all dramatically affected by these societal changes. They either employ seniors or children, husbands or wives of seniors; or their membership is composed of these individuals.


Whatever the involvement, the need to confront senior’s issues is as important to the bottom line as inventory, production capacity or sales activities.

A corporation and its human resource departments need to understand various senior issues and their effect upon the workplace. Aging and disease are not embellished issues but are problematic in a direct and daily manner.

Fitness Senior Style seminars attempt to confront these issues. Through a need’s analysis, we attempt to address our audience’s requirements. Health issues, care issues, financial issues, dietary issues, work issues can all be addressed. We attempt to supply some concrete answers or at least impart some awareness of the interaction of complex issues.

  • parkinsons exercises for seniors


  • balance exercises for seniors


  • strength exercises for seniors


  • dementia exercises for seniors

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