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About Fitness Senior Style

Fitness Senior Style, LLC was founded in 2010 with a simple idea: exercise seniors in their homes by improving their ability to perform activities of daily living. Success might reduce some future medical costs and allow seniors to remain independent through greater strength, balance and cognitive fitness.

The initial premise has proved effective and the company has successfully grown its client base, personnel and professional techniques. We have become the benchmark for in-home senior personal training.

Our trainers are hand-picked and go through a rigorous interview process, background check, Fitness Senior Style training program, and certification by the American Senior Fitness Association. Many are seniors themselves and understand the physical and psychological needs of our clients.

We accommodate a wide range of senior health needs: from healthy seniors who simply wish to become stronger and enjoy greater flexibility; to those seniors who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, MS, COPD, strokes, coronary issues, rehabilitative needs, dementia, Meniere’s disease, fibromyalgia and cancer. Our equipment is specialized for in-home personal training. We employ resistance chairs, bands, agility ladders, walking sticks, free weights, benches, balls and other specialized equipment.

Our training techniques have evolved over thousands of hours involved in exercising our clients. We have shaped our client sessions to both improve their physical and psychological wellbeing. Our client’s success is our justification.

Richard Portugal, Founder:

Richard has spent over 50 years personally involved in exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic. His interest has surpassed mere exercising to a study of training’s effects upon anatomy and physiology. The benefit of healthy stress on muscles led to further understanding of proper form and breathing techniques.

After graduating George Washington Law Center in 1971, Richard worked in the printing industry in sales for 25 years; he then joined the telecommunications industry in 1997 working for MCI, Inc. and World Com Inc. as Director, Northeast over four field teams in NJ and national telecom accounts. Retiring from telecom, Richard incorporated Fitness Senior Style, LLC in 2010.

Richard Portugal Fitness Senor Style

Combining his business expertise with his love and understanding of proper exercising provided a balanced recipe for success. During volunteer work with seniors at the local Y, he realized his calling and created a new business approach for exercising seniors in their homes for balance, strength and cognitive fitness. Richard became certified as a Senior Personal Trainer by the American Senior Fitness Association in 2009. He was certified as a Parkinson’s Fitness Program Instructor by Delay the Disease in 2011 and in Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in 2011.

Richard’s clients include healthy seniors (55 – 90 y/o) to seniors suffering from strokes, coronary disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, bone and muscle injury, fibromyalgia, balance and strength issues, dementia, Meniere’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Richard is published in various newspapers on a monthly basis featuring articles relating to senior issues and conducts senior seminars and classes at senior associations, senior resident homes, community groups and clubs.

Richard Portugal
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