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Senior Financial Responsibility

It is a curious phenomenon within our medical care and insurance industry that preventive, proactive care is generally not reimbursed. If you get sick, you have the medical reimbursement coverage that Medicare and insurance deem appropriate; if you attempt to remain healthy, the insurance coverage is not healthy!

Coverage, however, is measured, costly and not open-ended. Being sick in America is an expensive affair—even with insurance, Obamacare, Medicare and any other care. Medicine is a business with high costs that fall on the consumer. Drugs, hospital stays, doctor visits, and peripheral services weigh heavily on those in our society who are burdened with medical issues and illnesses.

How can we reduce or limit those ominous costs? Illness is part of life, but so is staying healthy. When we drive a car, we perform cautiously, knowing full well the consequences of careless behavior. It is the same with our health.

Be proactive; be preventive; be smart! Eat sensibly; exercise judiciously; nurture your mind and body to limit your medical vulnerabilities.

Every day filled with wellness allows health to reign in your life. Be preventive and be proactive and delay uncompromising medical costs.

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