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An Inch of Time

Mankind can trace its history back 10,000 years and recognize its hominid beginnings to over 2 million years ago. As individuals, however, we really only inhabit but an inch of time. We can only be humbled by the age of our ancestry, and concurrently be attentive to the small measure of time that is granted to us.

Yet in that inch of time, why do we squander what our ancestors bequeathed to us? We are animals that move, but we surrender that magnificent ability too early and too easily. To walk, to run, to jump, to climb, to sprint are all bodily actions that our modern society cultivates in our youth, but forsakes as we age. Our inch of time is too short in duration to so easily abandon what nature holds so dear. We were made to be active, not to sit!

I have met many individuals who will not permit their inch of time to be populated by an ineffective and aged body. They have the will to emulate their ancestors by remaining strong, active and conditioned. I also have met many individuals who share their inch of time with menacing enemies. They are attacked by Parkinson’s, dementia, strokes and heart attacks. Yet some refuse to surrender their bodies easily. They fight back through hard work, sacrifice and positive motivation. They refuse to relinquish their allotted time to some arbitrary illness or fated accident.

We have the bodies of hunters and those bodies demand activity even until advanced age. It’s that old but faithful adage, if you do not use it, you will lose it. Your body is similar to a cluster of levers. Every lever has a purpose; every muscle has a purpose. Muscles lengthen and shorten and, in so doing, move various parts of the body, either voluntary or involuntary. Muscles move your arms, legs, diaphragm, neck, eyes, mouth, and other parts and also protect joints and bones from damage. They need to be strong; they need to be exercised. You need to be a hunter!

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