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As You Age…Exercise!

Life is a struggle. And as we age, that struggle intensifies, especially for the human body. After all, we are but bone and muscle that years of use sorely test. If that human vessel is not physically challenged, it will humbly accept time’s verdict and quietly acquiesce to a weakened and fragile state. It is an enigma: our bodies, this mass of bone and muscle, were created to remain strong and agile no matter what the age; yet we have allowed modern life style to keep us soft and live extended lives no matter the condition of that human vessel.

Homo sapiens were created to be powerful animals, able to track their prey for days on end and then, when that prey was exhausted, have enough energy and strength to end the hunt and return to the clan with food, pelts, bone and sinew—the necessities for survival. And our bodies have not changed over the last 200,000 years. We still display tremendous potential for aerobic and anaerobic strength; we have retained the bodies of hunters.

Today as we age, the power of our bodies can still be harnessed and strengthened. In fact, it is the aged amongst us who have the greatest need to test the potential of their bodies; and that potential is greatest when we age!

A senior who exercises can double their strength within six weeks. Why? Because muscle fiber grows and strengthens when stressed; our heart and lungs become more efficient when stressed.

This is true no matter what your age. The human body reacts to exercise. And greater strength harbingers stronger bones and a greater ability to remain independent. If we do not challenge our muscles, they will simply atrophy and weaken. Our muscles want to hunt!

Those seniors who are infirm know this unequivocally to be true: those suffering from strokes, Parkinson’s, MS, dementia, arthritis, and a myriad of other afflictions exercise both aerobically and anaerobically to maintain their independence and perform Activities of Daily Living efficiently; doctors know this to be true for they constantly recommend exercise for their patients; and those healthy seniors who do exercise know this to be true: for they are far better able to cope, both financially and emotionally, in a society which places a premium on independence and self-reliance.

As you age, take control of your future; take control of your life; take control of your body; as you age…exercise!

Submitted by Richard Portugal, CST;; (201) 937-4722

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