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It's Just My Time, Forrest

In a bedroom in his childhood home, an adult Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) finds his

mother (Sally Field) lying in bed dying. “What’s the matter Mama?” Forrest asks

with genuine concern. She answers with practicality and stoicism, “It’s just my

time, Forrest, it’s just my time!” We all have an appointment with our last breath

and Forrest’s mama knows it is her time.

Any senior will tell you life is short. Our time seems to come quickly, as if life is an

express train reaching its destination in too hurriedly of a manner. Many advise us

to appreciate the journey with all its twists and curves, for the destination can be

abrupt and final.

We are but mind and body and for us to enjoy the trip, to ply our soul on the

tracks of time, we must be physically and mentally invested in the journey. The

voyage does not stop when we become seniors. We do not stop looking out the

train’s window as the present becomes the past; we do not stop interacting with

family and friends; we do not stop experiencing, learning, and growing; we do not

stop engaging in life.

The train ride confers so many gifts and joys, but also takes its toll in so many

dramatic ways. Our bodies’ age and falter-- a certain frailty is bequeathed to the

aged just as a dynamic energy is bestowed upon the young. Our minds are not as

quick-- they wander in thought or follow a quixotic course. But we are also

blessed with the ability, even in age, to grow both in mind and body. Even as the

train nears its final destination, we can still navigate our trip and control our

speed and direction. We have the absolute power to remain strong and sharp.

Absent a debilitating disease or injury, our body and mind will respond to the

stress of exercise. Our muscles can become stronger; our minds more adept; our

coordination, reflexes and speed efficient and meaningful. The activities of daily

living can be managed with the confidence of a youth gone by and the experience

of an age yet to come. What a wonderful combination. What a wonderful train


Our destination is right outside the train’s window; it is up ahead, right around

the next curve; the whistle blows and reminds us that time is forging our future.

But of what span and duration—only time will tell.

"It’s just my time, Forrest!" So let us make it a good time; let us make it an invested

time; let us make it a healthy time. Keep your body and mind sharp and

appreciate the journey!

Copyright © 2018 Richard J. Portugal All rights reserved.

Submitted by Richard Portugal, Fitness Senior Style, LLC

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